Love The Church & Love The People


With a growing congregation, the logistics that go into creating a warm and welcoming environment can sometimes seem overwhelming. We believe that in order to love the church, you need to love the people. At oasis, we know that all someone needs is an encounter with Jesus to change their life and by serving them, we can ensure that all they need to focus on is having that encounter.

There are so many areas where you can offer your time or expertise in the life of the church or in our services. If every member could offer one hour of their time to give to the church - by baking cupcakes or welcoming people at door or even by offering your skills e.g. teaching, building, decor, and painting - we would have a family who are so passionate about bringing the excellence and love of the kingdom of god to earth.

The church is built by the people - not by the pastor.

If you would like to offer your one hour in the form of serving at our services or by offering a skill, please contact us!??