The Oasis Outreach Team aims to serve our community in the areas where all hope has been lost by taking the hope of the world them in the form of sponsorships, serving, feeding and rebuilding. we believe that by taking the hope and love of jesus to our local and international communities, we can change what the future holds for those who have given up.

We are currently running multiple projects as well as hosting church services throughout the city. We are in need of people who have a heart for the hopeless to help run more of these operations that are transforming lives. 

There are so many ways in which you can serve the outreach team :financially, by providing a skill or a workforce, fundraising, collecting food/clothing/materials or by coordinating a project you believe God has placed on your heart - we would love to support and partner with you!

We also care about the needs of those within our Oasis family. if you are going through any form of struglle and need assitance, please contact Pastor Clinton or Sylvia so that we can meet you in your place of need.?